Inbound Marketing Success with Jonathan Georgino

We check back in with Jonathan Georgino, who reports that sales have increased and inbound marketing efforts are starting to pay off. In addition, he tells a story about how he turned a potential legal battle into a collaboration effort.
We start by checking in with Jonathan Georgino, who last appears on the show in episode 5. Since then, he has gotten more sales and more distributors to carry his product (the Binho Nova host adapter). 

Specifically, Jonathan mentions that paid ads have not worked well at attracting new leads. However, collaboration with influencers (e.g. Shannon Morse) and appearing on podcasts has worked well. He also mentions that he is starting to see a trickle of new visitors to his site after creating several new blog posts.

Harris asks Jonathan about what tools he uses to help create content and analyze his site’s SEO performance. Jonathan says that he uses a combination of stock Shopify and Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest tool to help brainstorm content ideas.

Jonathan tells the story how he woke up to an email one morning accusing him of copyright infringement. He had used the “Click” name for one of his boards that conflicted with the MikroElektronika Click ecosystem naming. He apologized and took the product page down. 

However, he turned the potential legal battle into a collaboration opportunity. He worked with MikroE to create an official Click adapter board for the Binho Nova. In addition, he mentioned MikroE’s design services team was great to work with.

Shawn and Harris check in with Jonathan’s distribution efforts. He mentions that he purposely slowed down getting into new distributors, as he’s quite happy with the current mix and sales have been growing. Interestingly, he also mentions that direct sales can sometimes be easier than dealing with distributors.

Jonathan talks about when it makes sense to become a reseller for other people’s products. Specifically, he resells the Sensepeek PCBite, which complements the Binho Nova’s capabilities. This allows for a better testing experience for the customer (as they can use both products together and order them from one place), and it drives traffic to his site, as Binho is listed as a US distributor on Sensepeek’s site.

Finally, Jonathan mentions that he implemented a simple recommendation that Harris made a few months ago: send a handwritten note with every product that ships. Apparently, many customers reach back out to thank Jonathan for the note, the product, and sometimes let him know what they’re using the host adapter for. This turns out to be a fantastic way to communicate with the end users to get feedback on a product.

Harris talks about doing things that don’t scale, which came from Paul Graham’s blog post.

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Jonathan, a passionate hardware engineer, routinely found himself creating tools to assist in the projects he’d been working on for several years. In late 2018, he began to merge several of his personal projects into a single tool and the Binho Nova Multi-Protocol USB Host adapter was born. A veteran of several Bay Area hardware startups, he enjoys wearing many hats and doing whatever it takes to bring high-quality products to market, from proof-of-concept through mass production. Above all, he wants to share his enthusiasm for developing quality hardware products with as many people as possible.
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