Using No-Code Apps to Get to Market Faster with Lola Ojabowale

In this episode of the Hello Blink Show, Harris and Shawn welcome developer Lola Ojabowale to the show. Lola shares her insights in no code development with listeners.
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Whether you have a new product idea or business project, listeners will appreciate hearing her experience with developing and building software applications. 

Lola is involved in the Atlanta tech startup scene, where she currently runs Lunch Pail Labs, a digital product studio and consultancy. Her insightful remarks range from being a solopreneur to the trends in risk capital investments. 

One Powerful Quotation
  • 30:35: “I think the rise of the almost solopreneur I think we’ll see more of in this decade enabled by some of these tools that just enable you to do so much more with your time like the automation tools as a one person business.” 
Key Topics
  • 2:01: Harris opens the show by asking Lola about no code development.
  • 3:27: Lola shares use case examples of no/low code and internal business productivities that can be automated including web flows and domain sites.
  • 6:02: Shawn asks Lola about cross app development tools.
  • 7:21: Shawn further inquires with Lola about API integration for hardware. 
  • 8:48: Shawn and Lola discuss custom, no code solutions that have integrated tools for transferring data. 
  • 9:53: Lola shares her background and the inspiration behind her business, Lunch Pail Labs.
  • 11:42: Lola explains how she runs her business and acquires clients. 
  • 14:42: Lola digresses on this year, how remote work and networking help her succeed, and her thoughts about what it means to be an entrepreneur. 
  • 18:40: Harris asks Lola about her client base and their type of use case needs. 
  • 23:07: Lola talks about being a venture scout at Indie.VC and explains the difference of risk capital. 
  • 27:00: Lola responds to Harris’ commentary on venture capital and the idea behind the “power law” compared to independent risk capital. 
  • 29:19: Lola adds to Shawn’s remarks that there is a gap in raising capital. One of the trends has been the exchange for equity in business by providing human resources they need to grow and scale their business. 
  • 32:32: Lola shares another trend in revenue sharing type agreements that invest in people that want to develop and create.
  • 34:06: Shawn and Lola talk about networking and how she became involved in the startup scene. Lola highlights how early connections can help shortcut your business growth and create partnerships. 
  • 37:08: Shawn and Lola further extrapolate on how these partnerships facilitate finding clients/customers. 
  • 39:27: Harris inquires with Lola about considering building her own product. 
  • 40:14: Harris wraps up the show and asks Lola to share her contact information. 
Guest Information
Lola Ojabowale runs Lunch Pail Labs, which is a digital product studio and consultancy. She works with clients to plan and execute the initial versions of their products with no and low-code development tools. Her background is a mix of product, strategy, and operations, and she has built products for herself and others.

When she's not running Lunch Pail Labs, she's active in the venture and startup community. She is a scout at indie. vc and works with various early teams. She is a graduate of Dartmouth College and a native of the Washington D.C. area who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Website – Lunch Pail Labs
Website – Personal
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Special Guest: Lola Ojabowale.

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