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Shawn Hymel and Harris Kenny introduce listeners to the podcast and what key themes will be discussed. Learn more about our backgrounds, goals for the show, and what's in it for you.

Welcome to the Hello Blink Show. This week, hosts Shawn Hymel and Harris Kenny introduce listeners to the podcast and what key themes will be discussed. Shawn Hymel is a technology marketing strategist and content creator specializing in technical content and product development for clients. Through content creation and in-person workshops, he is passionate in creating memorable experiences for his audiences. Harris Kenny is the principal of his own consulting group which focuses on providing sales and marketing services for helping businesses grow. He has helped close deals with numerous businesses, schools, and government institutions based on their aligning goals and objectives. 

The duo wants to share this platform as an inspiration for those who may be considering starting their own business and what that entails. Listeners will enjoy their views on what that means, their words of advice, and upcoming interviews with those who have done the same.

One Powerful Quote
"This decision to start your own business or start a project that you think could really become something bigger is a mental and emotional journey first, and then, it proceeds to those more practical things."

Key Topics
  • 0:55: Shawn and Harris talk about their latest works. Shawn discusses his recent contract project with security cameras and having to learn the features of C++. Harris mentions his work and how networking at events helps his business.
  • 4:23: Shawn asks Harris how he acquires clients and the specifics behind it. Harris shares that some events he attends are with early-stage companies he may advise for distribution and product development. Shawn compares events he attends that have successfully earned him clients. 
  • 6:33: Shawn inquires with Harris about why he values working with hardware companies. Harris says this is because the constraints forces owners to align their offerings closer to their customer. Shawn agrees that he also enjoys the tangible and manipulative use of hardware.
  • 9:32: Harris and Shawn openly discuss the nature in finding their audience and advising them to start their own business. Shawn expresses the disconnect in corporate environments for engineers and the necessary steps to help them launch their project or business. Harris agrees this was a one main reason why they formed the podcast. Shawn and Harris both express that it will be an open platform to help those with business and marketing expertise.
  • 17:30: Shawn explains the name of the Hello Blink Show. 
  • 20:00: Harris and Shawn express how to be in the “driver seat” of your business. They mention what that means and the responsibilities associated with it. Shawn adds how certain inefficiencies inhibit people from taking the next step; Harris suggests asking tactical questions. 
  • 30:00: Shawn and Harris discuss the pros and cons of independent work. They mention important factors to consider such as time, compensation, and effort needed to be your own boss. Shawn and Harris hypothesize that humanizing the experience and collaboration are more beneficial compared to working in the corporate environment.
  • 36:06: The book Shawn could not remember is Culture Code by Daniel Coyle. You can read a summary about the airline crash incident here: Shawn is also working on correctly pronouncing “aileron” from
  • 40:00: Shawn offers his advice on the planning needed before leaving your regular job and how to prepare before launching your own brand. Harris adds how service support can help navigate this process. 
  • 49:52: Shawn and Harris preview their work background and how this overview will be incorporated into the show. 
List of Resources

 Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

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