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Hello Blink Show is made possible thanks to the support of our sponsors. Together, we help technical people start and grow their own companies. The show has thousands of downloads in over 60 countries, with a steadily growing active audience.

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Cyber City Circuits

At Cyber City Circuits, we truly believe that the best way to new industry and to foster innovation is through education. We started as a electronic design and manufacturing firm in the Augusta, Georgia area and started teaching after school classes and workshops to help spread our joy of electronics to everyone.

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Hello Blink Show is also brought to you by co-hosts Shawn Hymel’s and Harris Kenny's independent businesses. They record and co-host the show in addition to their typical responsibilities running their respective companies.

Shawn’s business, Skal Risa, LLC, helps companies engage with customers through technical content, community outreach, and product development. Harris’ business, Kenny Consulting Group, LLC, helps founders and owners grow their businesses by launching products, entering new markets, signing distributors, scaling sales teams, and more.