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Legal Q&A with Mark Tyson

Harris and Shawn interview legal expert and attorney, Mark Tyson. Mark shares his knowledge and how he advises his clients into incorporating their business while minimizing liability.

Making the Spiro Wave with Joel Murphy

Shawn Hymel and Harris Kenny welcome Joel Murphy to discuss his work on the Spiro Wave "bridge" ventilator system in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus: How designers/small business owners can contribute to their network.

Early Sales and Partnerships

On this episode, Shawn and Harris tackle gaining early sales and landing partnerships.

Dealing With the Coronavirus

Shawn and Harris talk about the unfolding Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, how brands are responding, what it means for small business owners, and more.

Getting Your First Customers with Jonathan Georgino

Shawn and Harris welcome special guest Jonathan Georgino. Jonathan is a business owner and hardware engineer who focuses on working through distribution channels and closing multi-unit enterprise deals with his company, Binho.

Understanding Developer Advocacy with Moheeb Zara

Shawn and Harris welcome special guest, Moheeb Zara. Moheeb is a hacker, roboticist, installation artist, and software engineer. Listeners will hear from Moheeb as he talks about helping businesses leverage their marketing/content strategy.

Starting a Fashion Brand with Kitty Yeung

Shawn and Harris welcome Kitty Yeung. Kitty has lead extensive positions as a research scientist, hardware engineer, and user experience designer at Intel and Microsoft. She talks about her fashion and wearables brand Art by Physicist.

Engaging an Audience with Content Marketing

Shawn and Harris talk about content marketing and how the right approach can help your business. They discuss their own experiences with creative marketing and how they go about finding their audience.

Starting Something New

Shawn Hymel and Harris Kenny introduce listeners to the podcast and what key themes will be discussed. Learn more about our backgrounds, goals for the show, and what's in it for you.

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