Dealing With the Coronavirus

Shawn and Harris talk about the unfolding Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, how brands are responding, what it means for small business owners, and more.
Show Note

We hope this podcast is of value to the you as the situation unfolds. We wish all of our followers and listeners their health and safety at this time. Please reach out @ShawnHymel or @HarrisKenny if there is anything they can do for you. 

One Powerful Quotation
  •  26:00 – “If you’re a business owner or you’re a CEO, I think this is an appropriate time to practice good interpersonal management with your people. I would say don’t try to panic people… But in the same sense, be honest. Be upfront. This is a scary situation we are looking at.”
Key Topics
  • 1:00 – Shawn and Harris open the show with how they are dealing with their self-quarantine and social distancing. They admit they are fortunate with being able to work from home and mention of how many Americans cannot. 
  • 4:00 – Shawn and Harris talk about the content marketing strategy from big brands in response to the coronavirus. Shawn says many have taken a bare minimum approach with large email outreaches, and they each give their take on what companies are doing that works. 
  • 6:50 — Shawn considers making his online Arduino course free for a period of time and the value of offering free learning tools to everyone. Harris agrees with this, and they delve into how some organizations/events have handled this situation better or worse than others. 
  • 10:40 — Shawn and Harris describe their experience attending the online Open Hardware Summit. They highlight their virtual experience with attendee engagement and how presenters are able to format their activities with polling, online streaming, etc. for future events. Harris notes that presenting this way is a skill set and a great opportunity to grow your business. 
  • 20:08 — Shawn asks Harris his opinion on what small business can do to alleviate some of their problems. Harris says they should assess their short/long term risk by trying to increase inventory supply and focus on diversifying their offerings such as consulting or starting a new project. He mentions that this is only optimal if cash is available, and your business is in a position to take on more work. 
  • 22:24 —Shawn and Harris discuss how operators can pivot to using a local distributor/supplier to continue running their business. They offer their opinions on how owners should handle this crisis and implement interpersonal management to everyone. 
  • 27:16 — Harris inquires with Shawn on how he handles his own personal management at home and with work. 
  • 29:50 — Shawn and Harris share with listeners their views on how organizations/institutions now have a larger responsibility to give value to others as a sign of empathy and compassion. 
  • 37:45 —Shawn and Harris surmise that investment opportunities and industry trends will change as a result to the evident economic turmoil. 
  • 41:30 — Shawn and Harris wrap up the show with their final thoughts to everyone. 
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 7:06 - Shawn's online Arduino course:

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