Episode 3

Engaging an Audience with Content Marketing


March 2nd, 2020

51 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode of the Hello Blink Show, hosts Shawn Hymel and Harris Kenny talk about content marketing and how the right approach can help your business. They discuss their own experiences with creative marketing and how they go about finding their audience. Listeners will hear Shawn and Harris’s insights on servicing their clients and how to deliver valuable content.

One Powerful Quote:

"Make content that’s useful for people and they will continue to engage with you. Do it not to push your product or service on them. Do it from an actual, genuine, authentic way of 'I want to help somebody have a better day.'”

Key Topics:

  • 0:40: Shawn and Harris open the show with what projects they’re working on. Shawn briefly mentions the latest book he’s reading, “Talking to Strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell.
  • 5:50: Shawn and Harris discuss an overview on content marketing and understanding the difference between inbound and outbound marketing. Harris mentions how businesses should assess their position in the market and determine the necessary steps to learn about their audience.
  • 13:00: Shawn inquires with Harris about the suggested expense for marketing. Harris says that, although it depends, he recommends that a realistic business should only spend what is available considering production costs. He also adds that consistent presence in industry events and free PR stunts can alleviate the costs.
  • 19:02: Staying on the same topic, Harris asks Shawn if business owners should be responsible for creating and promoting inbound marketing. Shawn agrees with this but isn’t opposed to outsourcing a partner to truly represent your brand in discovering the right audience.
  • 22:00: Shawn and Harris delve deeper into finding your audience segment and offer their perspectives for the important questions to answer such as identifying your audience and maximizing content channel delivery. They also note the common pitfalls some business owners may have with their marketing strategy.
  • 39:44: Shawn recommends the book Youtility by Jay Baer for its outlook of, “If you sell something, you make a customer today; if you help someone, you make a customer for life.” It summarizes why outbound market is failing and how authentically helping others will build you a loyal following.
  • 42:13: Shawn asks Harris his success using HubSpot as a customer relationship platform.
  • 48:50: Shawn and Harris sign off with their final overview thoughts on content marketing.

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